Original. Pioneer. Technology.

A legacy of vision, invention and continuity founded on foresight.

invention makes

plastocor® Cladding System was the first in the market –
ever since, we continue
to lead the way.

makes "insured"

plastocor® Technology set insurance standards backed by experts – Allianz assured performance and quality.

visionary makes

plastocor® turns true foresight into a high-quality reality – setting standards for others
to follow.

plastocor® red
makes a true original!

The original plastocor® red guarantees your performance - handcrafted, red coloured coating sets the trend in
tube sheets.

plastocor® Approved Applicators make the real deal

plastocor® quality-assured standards are brought to you by plastocor® approved applicators - fully trained and authorised by our experts.

This is plastocor®
The Original!

60+ years of know-how
2,000+ power plants worldwide
50+ countries patented application
1,000s+ tube sheets protected and repaired
1,000,000+ condenser tubes coated

« Clients trust plastocor® as they know when they apply our original systems, they receive all the durability, quality and innovation The Original possesses. »​